What People Say

– About Deborah’s intuitive consultations:

    – (comments about Deborah’s classes and workshops are below)
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I appreciate that you meet people where they are. I feel so refreshed and light after our consultation.
– Christine, Longmont

Thank you for your amazing work! As the days unfold, I continue to experience the profound benefits of my ‘software update’.
– Sandra, CO mountains

That session with you changed something in me. I have more confidence in day-to-day situations. Really amazing…I can’t thank you enough, and it helped me relax about the situation. What you do makes a difference. Thanks for the boost!
– Trish, Boulder

– About an Insight Outside Walking consultation:

Thanks so much for today’s reading, extremely helpful. I’m feeling much more hopeful and positive after clearing the ‘dust’!
Thanks for bringing me to such a beautiful location. Great for those who enjoy being in the natural world.
– Paula, Boulder

Deborah’s insights are pertinent and precise. More importantly, the positive shift of energy in my body offered me lasting healing.
– Barrie, N.C.

My friend enjoyed your creative way of wording what you’re looking at, it helped him connect with his shift.
– Sara, CA

I was sitting here wondering who could I talk to about this? And you’re who I thought of.
– Brittany, NYC
I’ve been suffering with a bad shoulder issue, well, it’s gone. Wow!  I was going to go to the chiropractor tomorrow but changed my mind.

– Linda, Denver

That was amazing. It was the most soulful reading ever, thank you.
– Ali, Boulder

Thanks for helping me see through the fog!
– Michelle, Glenwood Hot Springs

Feeling like myself once again, I feel the energy has cleared. Many, many thanks. It felt wonderful to be able to do something to help my grandson and myself. I love the process and appreciate your amazing work.
– Norma, N.C

Thank you for your profound healing, it shifted the dynamic immediately. This unraveling of patterns is always exciting. I can’t wait to see what happens next.
– Brooke, Brazil

You have an ability to gracefully navigate through tough stuff, and you did so with me. Thanks.
– Stephanie, CA

Thank you for your insightful reading. Sometimes validation in a time of confusion is the most important gift we could receive.
– Nancy, Vancouver

A session with Deborah is a moment in time where she brings you back to you. I find her work very helpful. It makes my life easier to navigate, a definite boost in self-confidence.
– Mary, Boulder

Thanks so much for the inspiration. Eye opening, heart opening and spirit clearing. Your clarity and gifts are appreciated. Every day since we talked I have a few ‘ah-hah’s’ about something we discussed.
– Lance, Santa Fe

Thank you so much. Your comments were very helpful, as was the healing aspect. It felt supportive of the “awakening” work I am doing, it helped me release and open to new possibilities.
– Kathy, Boulder

Just want you to know that the depressed feelings I had are gone. I thank you so much for the healing.
– Pat, N.C.

This kind of clearing felt familiar. Listening to you describe what you ‘saw,’ I ‘saw’ for myself from a new vantage point. Your work is a distinctive mixture of psychic reading and information sharing, with therapeutic undertones.
 -Bill, Boulder

Thank you for your help. I have been referring you left and right to my friends. I am still having physical problems but the emotional aspect seems to be falling off like old leaves.
– Jeet, Carbondale

Deborah offers sweet, sincere and enlivened clairvoyant readings. I experience an energetic space I feel comfortable relaxing into and I absolutely feel lighter after sitting with her. She gifts this planet with one healing at a time, moving individuals closer to their own inner wisdom.
– Starr, Boulder

With this approach I’m uplifted and can breathe. I feel valuable and at peace being myself and experience being acknowledged in a pure way. Compliments may come with manipulation or an agenda. Instead, this approach is just “I see you”, without expectation or ego. It comes from pure spirit, the generosity of Deb’s soul.

Deb has an ability to meet the hearts and minds of her clients with enthusiasm.
– Tracy, Marin

– And, sorry about this one:
In our consultation to review several job offers, you told me that the most attractive one looked likely to be “18 months of hell”, and described why.
I decided to accept the offer and just finished “18 months of hell”.
– Jesse, Denver


– What people say about Deborah’s classes:

Thank you. There was so much more to this class than is revealed by the title. You brought calm, beautiful energy and were effective guiding us through each process. Thanks for the wonderful tools and the innovative ways you brought the message across.
– Joy, Boulder

Thank you so much for our time together over these weeks. I am really getting a lot out of the material/exercises you are sharing. Thank you so much.
– Sandra, Boulder

These tools are absolutely awesome! I put them to work first thing when I woke the next morning.

Deborah’s unique talent and understanding, combined with her specific knowledge and practical skills, make her one of the most effective teacher/healers I’ve worked with.

In her “Intuition Class,” Deborah taught tools that helped me liberate and transform deep-seated energies I’ve worked for years to transform.. Her instruction is straightforward and clear, while she encourages playfulness and experimentation to support direct personal experience.

The tools are simple, powerful and effective. Best of all, Deborah offers her gifts in service of her client’s individual growth and development. It’s not about her, she wants the best for her students. Deb’s provided ways for me to learn to help myself. There isn’t a more genuine teacher-healer than that.
– Stephanie, Asheville

Great night with laughs–nothing better.
– Christine, Longmont

Deborah brings a unique balance of wisdom and wonder. She communicates with sincerity and compassion. Whether you’ve recently started on a spiritual journey or are a seasoned traveler on the path, each encounter with Deborah is a new opportunity to find your own answers through increased awareness and healing. She is truly a blessing!
– Julie, TN